Lady Gaga “Born this way” success in style?

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

“Born This Way, ” the latest album by Lady Gaga
does it really as successful as expected?

Lady Gaga perhaps never imagined being able to boast one of the most important artists
in recent times. Her flamboyant style of dress, songs with catchy choruses
and modern sounds and videos have taken her to be compared even with renowned artists
such as Madonna, Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson.

But can this new stage in his career is meaning a great success in your life?
We must analyze several points:
The first single, which shares the same title of the album “Born This Way”
debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained there for six consecutive weeks.
Not everything was hunky-dory for the song and less for Lady Gaga,
when compared with the theme “Express Yourself” so-called “Queen of Pop” Madonna.
The video had its impact, but was considered by fans as more “darker” than previous ones.

The second single was “Judas, ” which took top spot as number ten on the Hot 100 list.
The single spent only 4 weeks on the chart.

Hit record … but with millions in losses.

Although the official number of sale of the album in its first week was 1,108,000 copies,
to the Amazon company represented an economic loss of about $ 3 million,
to provide the disc to 99 cents.
The record sales for its second week expected a significant drop and it did,
to sell only 174.000 copies, which, although in times of piracy is a high number,
means little more than 15% of sales over its first week.

Lady Gaga’s career is just beginning and will surely find some clever strategy
to get out of any possible failure.

Lady Gaga, Born This Way
Lady Gaga, Born This Way



adult star Jazmine Cashmere is pregnant

Popular adult movie star Jazmine Cashmere is allegedly pregnant.
Reports speculate that the baby is of a Rapper from New York.
Cashmere has also posted pictures of her with the baby bump on the internet.

Kelly Bensimon – The Real Playboy Housewife

Kelly Bensimon is an author, model, jewelry designer, and former editor of Elle Acessories.
She currently appears on Bravo The Real Housewives of New York

How about a story about the two Kellys — the one on TV
and the one with her clothes off?

Kelly Bensimon Playboy photos

“I don’t pay attention to those negative stories
people tell about me,” she says.

“Everybody has a story to tell, and they have nothing
to do with me. I don’t respond because I don’t need to.
I’m not 14. I graduated from high school,
I graduated from college, I have two kids.
I leave the bitching to other people.”

Sensuous Muse

In the world of commercial art, Los Angeles-based photographer/illustrator Jeff Wack is a superstar.
Known for his imaginative and stunning visual style, Wack has created major works and ad campaigns
for a variety of mainstream clients, including Coca-Cola, Nokia, Budweiser, MGM, 20th Century Fox,
Universal Studios, Atari and Activision. But it is his latest project that really captured our attention.


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Pamela Anderson had to tell her two sons about her sex tape

Pamela Anderson on telling her tween sons about her infamous sex tape with Tommy Lee

pamela anderson sons
Pam Anderson with sons Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger on vacation in St. Tropez

Pamela Anderson’s infamous sex tape has finally come back to haunt her.

The former “Baywatch” star and Playboy model bares all in a candid interview
that will be aired on British television – including how she had to tell her two young sons
about the raunchy home video she made with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Anderson’s coming clean to sons Brandon, 12, and Dylan, 11, about the tape was sparked by,
of all things, her cameo in the 2006 comedy “Borat,” reports The Daily Mail.

“I knew kids were going to watch the film and there was a reference to the tape in the movie
and they’re that age and, you know, people are going start saying things,”
Anderson tells British talk-show host Jeremy Kyle.

“I just said, ‘Look, Mummy and Daddy were massively in love, we videotaped everything,
everything was videotaped, and you’re probably going hear about something at school.'”

In the one-on-one interview, Anderson, 47, goes on to reveal intimate details about her turbulent personal life,
including her drinking and drug use, her rocky marriage to Lee,
about with Hepatitis C and her recent financial woes.

Pamela Anderson boobs
She admits to taking cocaine, and claims she has stopped drinking because it made her “crazy.”

“I haven’t had a drink in a month, I don’t drink,” she says.
“Champagne – sometimes I’ll drink it and I’ll get a little crazy, doing back flips and, you know,
wrestling people on the floor. But I’m taking a break right now.”

Anderson also admits to falling on hard times after spending $5 million on a dream home in Malibu
before running out of money.
“I’m going to sell it,” she says. “I hate (that). People commit suicide over constructions.
Relationships break down over constructions and I can see why. It rips your heart out.”


Vampires And Virgins

Vampires And Virgins comics

download Vampires And Virgins comics

download Vampires And Virgins comics

Vampires And Virgins comics

Throughout history, the vampire myth has lingered in both conscious and unconscious minds.

Recent depictions of these castle-dwelling garlic-hating creatures have taken much of their inspiration from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but stories of similar predators have travelled from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and also Asia, the Middle East and South America.

British interest in vampires and various blood-guzzlers grew during the nineteenth century, when the foppish upper classes would sit around wearing baggy shirts and wry smiles, smoke a lot of opium, and scare each other into nervous breakdowns every night with improvised horror stories.

The medical community has come up with a range of explanations for the phenomena, including porphyria, consumption, anaemia and rabies – the latter of which can cause humans to take on certain characteristics of wild animals, shy away from strong sunlight, and pass on their illness by taking random bites out of friends and family members. The common belief that some exhumed bodies were “undead” could be explained by the failure of some people to decompose properly and stop growing facial hair and fingernails under certain climatic conditions. Corpses would often be decapitated, burnt or staked, just to make sure.

Whether or not you believe that vampires exist in any form though, they commonly appear in dreams. Often, the vampire remains unseen, a dark force or sensation, the invisible threat encroaching on your territory. Perhaps this vampire represents a situation in your waking life instead of a specific person.

download Vampires And Virgins comics

We can feel inadequate with a dominant partner, so we strive to be LOVED, as if the prospect of this hard-to-get lunk sharing some affection will transform us into better people. We think that suddenly, when we find LOVE, we’ll be someone who’ll live forever, gain supernatural powers, perform far more impressive feats than anything a mere mortal could achieve – and probably look a bit like Brad Pitt or Winona Ryder as a result.
Though in real life, just as in your dreams, the vampire rarely shares its gift.

 download Vampires And Virgins comics
download Vampires And Virgins comics

download Vampires And Virgins-1 (9 Mb)

download Vampires And Virgins-2 (5 Mb)

download Vampires And Virgins-3 (10 Mb)


Eurotica comics: The Lady And The Vampire

A Saucy Vikki Belle Romp, vol. 1

The Lady And The Vampire

Mixing humor and horror, this fully painted full color romp will make your mouth water. Saucy (and stacked) Vicki Belle, undergarment boutique owner, must spend a few nights in the haunted Fiddlestone Manor. She decides her bashful but incredibly well-hung accountant Dobbin Daintree, whom she’s already pulled into modeling slinky underwear much to his chagrin and the delight of her clientele, will be perfect to accompany her for protection. Together, they must face the vampire who ravishes the spellbound gorgeous lady of the mansion every night!
The Lady And The Vampire
download The Lady and the Vampire
download full set (6 Mb)

Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing Inc. (NBM) has been publishing graphic novels
in the United States since 1976.
The company specializes in non-superhero comic genres and has translated and published
over 150 graphic novels from Europe and Canada, as well as several works by Americans.
It publishes materials for all ages, and also publishes mature materials
under its ‘Eurotica’ and ‘Amerotica’ lines.

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Vampires and Virgins comics
Vampires and Virgins